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LHRG Publications - amendment sheets

Publications by LHRG available for purchase are listed on the LHRG Publications page.  Where additional information and corrections come to light, amendment sheets have been issued; these are listed below.  Where possible, amendments have been consolidated; in these sheets, the latest amendments are shown in red.



LHRG publications represent the state of knowledge at the time of publication.  The Group welcomes additions and corrections, by email to; please identify the source of all information provided.

Amendment sheets have been issued for the following publications:

• MORiL volume 1 (2nd ed), consolidated amendment sheet issue 8 (updated 27/8/20)

• MORiL volume 2 (2nd ed), consolidated amendment sheet issue 13 (updated 23/11/22)

• MORiL volume 3 (2nd ed), consolidated amendment sheet issue 5 (updated 23/7/23) 

• MORiL volume 4, consolidated amendment sheet issue 13 (updated 26/9/22)

• MORiL volume 5, consolidated amendment sheet issue 6 (updated 8/6/23)

• MORiL volume 6A, consolidated amendment sheet issue 8 (updated 4/9/22)

• MORiL volume 7A, consolidated amendment sheet issue 32 (updated 5/12/23)

MORiL volume 8A, consolidated amendment sheet issue 27 (updated 28/11/23)

• MORiL volume 9A, consolidated amendment sheet issue 18 (updated 28/11/23)

• MORiL volume 10A, consolidated amendment sheet issue 11 (updated 17/10/22)

• MORiL volume 11A, consolidated amendment sheet issue 13 (updated 17/10/22)


• ST, DL & acquired classes: amendment sheet 2 (5/2/23)

• Surrey's Spring Line: amendment sheet 1 (2/10/21)

• LT, LS and LTC: amendment sheet 3 (15/8/23)

• LBUT (London Bus & Underground Timetables) consolidated amendment sheet 5 (July 2021)

• Buses in Brentwood: amendment sheet 1 (9/2/18)

• Second Series Bus Bodies: consolidated amendment sheet issue 5 (updated 8/5/20)

• Vanguard: amendment sheet 1 (24/11/13, as published in Bulletin 141)

• Early London Motor Bus Registrations: amendment sheet 1  (24/11/13, as published in Bulletin 151)

• London's Forgotten Bus Operations: amendment sheet 1 (8/5/20, as published in Bulletin 139)



Buses in Brentwood:

On page 17, the caption to the upper photo should be deleted and replaced by the one that appears second.  The caption for the lower photo should read as follows:

'Before the widespread introduction of low floor vehicles, a series of Mobility services was operated by Thamesway/ First some distance into East London. One of these, the 951, was extended to/from Warley (Fords) from 24th March 2002 and Marshall-bodied Dart 854 (N854CPU) was photographed leaving that terminus on the second day.'

In addition, an amendment sheet is available here (9/2/18).