LHRG Publications - amendment sheets

Publications by LHRG available for purchase are listed on the LHRG Publications page.  Where additional information and corrections come to light, amendment sheets have been issued; these are listed below.  Where possible, amendments have been consolidated; in these sheets, the latest amendments are shown in red.



LHRG publications represent the state of knowledge at the time of publication.  The Group welcomes additions and corrections, by email to lhrg@hotmail.co.uk; please identify the source of all information provided.

Amendment sheets have been issued for the following publications:

• MORiL volume 1 (2nd ed), consolidated amendment sheet issue 8 (updated 27/8/20)

• MORiL volume 2 (2nd ed), consolidated amendment sheet issue 13 (updated 23/11/22)

• MORiL volume 3 (2nd ed), consolidated amendment sheet issue 5 (updated 23/7/23) 

• MORiL volume 4, consolidated amendment sheet issue 13 (updated 26/9/22)

• MORiL volume 5, consolidated amendment sheet issue 6 (updated 8/6/23)

• MORiL volume 6A, consolidated amendment sheet issue 8 (updated 4/9/22)

• MORiL volume 7A, consolidated amendment sheet issue 31 (updated 29/5/23)

• MORiL volume 8A, consolidated amendment sheet issue 26 (updated 29/5/23)

• MORiL volume 9A, consolidated amendment sheet issue 17 (updated 17/10/22)

• MORiL volume 10A, consolidated amendment sheet issue 11 (updated 17/10/22)

• MORiL volume 11A, consolidated amendment sheet issue 13 (updated 17/10/22)


• ST, DL & acquired classes: amendment sheet 2 (5/2/23)

• Surrey's Spring Line: amendment sheet 1 (2/10/21)

• LT, LS and LTC: amendment sheet 3 (15/8/23)

• LBUT (London Bus & Underground Timetables) consolidated amendment sheet 5 (July 2021)

• Buses in Brentwood: amendment sheet 1 (9/2/18)

• Second Series Bus Bodies: consolidated amendment sheet issue 5 (updated 8/5/20)

• Vanguard: amendment sheet 1 (24/11/13, as published in Bulletin 141)

• Early London Motor Bus Registrations: amendment sheet 1  (24/11/13, as published in Bulletin 151)

• London's Forgotten Bus Operations: amendment sheet 1 (8/5/20, as published in Bulletin 139)



Buses in Brentwood:

On page 17, the caption to the upper photo should be deleted and replaced by the one that appears second.  The caption for the lower photo should read as follows:

'Before the widespread introduction of low floor vehicles, a series of Mobility services was operated by Thamesway/ First some distance into East London. One of these, the 951, was extended to/from Warley (Fords) from 24th March 2002 and Marshall-bodied Dart 854 (N854CPU) was photographed leaving that terminus on the second day.'

In addition, an amendment sheet is available here (9/2/18).