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Timetables, books and other bus related material which are surplus to our sister organisation The Bus Archive are made available through BUSMART.

There are three ways that you can buy this material.

  • When surplus material is identified, it will first be listed in the BUSMART sales catalogue, produced roughly once a quarter. Omnibus Society members can subscribe to receive this by email or post.
  • We also sell on Amazon as Busmart & on Ebay as busarchive.
  • On THE BUSMART website you will find listings of timetables for sale directly.

What to do with my surplus collection?

The Bus Archive is interested in the donation of new material - either to add to its own collection or to raise funds by selling through BusMart.

Go to to find out how you can help.

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Visit the BUSMART website


For full details of The Bus Archive visit their website

The Bus Archive