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The following LHRG publications are available; their covers are shown on the OS Publications page.  In some cases, amendment sheets have been issued; these are available for download from the Amendments page.

Orders may be made by email to lhrg@hotmail.co.uk and payment made by bank transfer to the following account.  Please use your surname and postcode as the transaction reference.LhrgbankAlternatively, orders by post should be addressed to: LHRG Distribution Officer, Curry Farm, Halstead Lane, Knockholt, Sevenoaks TN14 7EP.  Cheques payable to "Omnibus Society (LHR Group)" please.  Overseas postage extra, please enquire via lhrg@hotmail.co.uk.


SHADES OF GREEN, including a brief illustrated history of Leatherhead Garage

By Rod Lucas

Rod Lucas worked for London Country Bus Services as a driver at Leatherhead Garage for two spells in the 1970s, and tells his story in this book, with plenty of detail and numerous anecdotes.  The opportunity has been taken to add a photographic history of the operations from Leatherhead Garage, from the earliest days of buses based at The Swan in the town, through LGCS, London Transport, London Country South West, London & Country and Arriva to demolition in 1999.

Profusely illustrated in full colour where available, there are 20 pages of historic black & white photographs and 30 pages of full colour, plus further colour photos throughout the text.  Many photos not previously published.  

Published 2018, 128 pp.  Price £22.00 plus £2.00 P&P.  



A comprehensive list of London bus and Underground timetable books plus local and county bus maps and guides in the home counties including those published by London Transport 1933-2003, Transport for London 2000-2016, London Country 1970-1986 and also county and unitary councils, and major bus operators in Bedfordshire, (east) Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, (west) Kent, Surrey, West Sussex (part) since 1986 and Underground railways since 1873.

By John Bull.  Fully illustrated with 18 colour plates.  Amendment sheet dated September 2018 available for download via the Amendments page.
Published 2016, 130pp.  £10.00 plus £2.00 P&P.

Provides substantial new information including:

  • New tables listing earlier  timetables for major operators whose services were absorbed by LT 1933-51
  • Detailed chronology of boundary changes to LT/LCBS country bus timetable books 1938-78
  • Analysis of the contents of the LT area timetable books 1934-37
  • Corrections and additional items traced back to 1851 and new books and maps up to September 2018
Published 2018, 16pp.  £4.00 plus £1.50 P&P.
***  Special offer: LBUT Second edition and Supplement, £13.00 plus £2.00 P&P.  ***


Motor Omnibus Routes in London

Motor Omnibus Routes in London is LHRG's long running project to provide a detailed chronology of London's 'red' motor bus routes, from the start of motor bus operation in 1899 to October 1934 when the London Passenger Transport Board introduced its new system of route numbering.  Accuracy is ensured by reference to original sources.

For the period covered, each volume details the roads covered by each bus route and route changes day by day, plus Christmas day services and special services.  From volume 4, garage allocations to routes are also listed, along with details of road names which have since changed.  From the start of the 'independent era' in 1922, volumes 6A etc cover only London General Omnibus Company and 'Combine' routes.  

   Volume 1, 1899 - 1 Nov 1908 (2nd edition). 64pp.  Sorry, the printed volume is now sold out, but a low-resolution PDF may be downloaded here.  Alternatively, a high-resolution file may be accessed by contacting lhrg@hotmail.co.uk for details

***  Special offer: Volumes 2 to 8A inclusive, £70.00 plus £9.00 P&P.  ***

   Volume 2, 2 Nov 1908 - 1912 (revised edition). 78pp.  £7.50 plus £2.00 P&P. 

   Volume 3, 1913 - Feb 1915 (revised 2015). 100pp, illustrated.  £10.00 plus £2.00 P&P.

   Volume 4, Mar 1915 - 1919. 132pp.  £9.95 plus £2.00 P&P. 

   Volume 5, 1920 - 1921. 100pp.  £8.50 plus £2.00 P&P. 

   Volume 6A, 1922 - Nov 1924. 180pp.  £17.00 plus £2.00 P&P. 

   Volume 7A, Dec 1924 - 1926. 184pp.  £16.50 plus £2.00 P&P. 

   Volume 8A, 1927 - 1928. 196pp.  £18.50 plus £2.00 P&P. 

   Volume 9A, 1929 - 1930. 192pp.  £12.00 plus £2.00 P&P. 

   Volume 10A, 1931 - 1932. 204pp.  £12.00 plus £2.00 P&P.

   Volume 11A, 1933 - 1934.  232pp, illustrated.  £13.00 plus £2.00 P&P.

Amendment sheets are available to download from this site.  Click here.


A brief history with fleet and route lists

Published 1976: 10 pages.

Out of print, but a PDF version is available for free download here


Buses in Brentwood - A brief history

by Chris Stewart. Fully illustrated in colour and black & white, plus colour map

Published 2016, second impression 2017: 32 pages, £4.75 plus £1.25 P&P.   Erratum (first impression), see here.  


A London Anthology - selected Bulletin articles 

To mark the 50th anniversary of LHRG, this illustrated anthology comprises a selection of the articles that have appeared in the Bulletin.  A list of articles is here.  

Published 2013, 108pp.  £8.00 plus £2.00 P&P. 


London's Forgotten Bus Operations – Public Motor Transport in Bedfordshire 1899-1919

By John M. Cummings. Now in stock again.  48pp.  £4.50 plus £2.00 P&P.  

To complement the above publication, we offer:

Published 1977: 8 pages.

Out of print, but a PDF version is available for free download here


Vanguard: a symposium - an important chapter in the early history of the London motorbus
52pp, illustrated.  Limited returned stock now available.  £10.95 plus £2.00 P&P.
Early London Motor Bus Registrations (excluding B-type)
Compiled by John M. Cummings.  51pp.  Limited returned stock now available.     £5.00 plus £2.00 P&P.

Out of print titles 

The following titles are no longer available, but second-hand copies may occasionally be found:

London Transport Second series bus bodies 1939 - 1960 

The late John Hambley, under the title Transport Interest Publications, published a very useful series of books listing the vehicle histories of several classes of London Transport buses, including most recently the RT in 5 volumes, all works in which Alan Bond has played a leading role.  This book forms the next publication in the series, and with the sad loss of John Hambley, the London Historical Research Group is pleased to publish the work in his place.  Covering Body numbers 1-9232 including changes, re-paints & overhauls.

Published 2013, 142pp.  Update available to download here.

A History of the Buses, Trams & Trolleybuses of Enfield & Edmonton 

By David Domin.  Fully illustrated, including 8 colour pages and colour map.  Published 2014, 96pp.  



Amendment sheets reflecting corrections and additonal information since publication are available here.