Omibus Society

President 2024

Ralph Roberts

Ralph started his career as an engineer back in 1989. During his period of time with the Freight Transport Association he gained a masters degree from Glasgow Caledonian University and shortly afterwards joined Rentokil as a Divisional Manager.

A change of direction in 2000 saw Ralph join Arriva as Engineering Executive within their rail business. Arriva gained a number of European rail franchises during the early years of the 21st century and Ralph was heavily involved in their mobilisation.

Seven years later and a move occurred from which the Omnibus Society now benefits. Ralph was appointed Managing Director of the Scotland West subsidiary with responsibility for development of the Scottish bus business.

McGills acquired Arriva Scotland West in Spring 2010 with Ralph becoming Chief Executive Officer, a position he’s now held for over thirteen years - a rare length of service in today’s bus industry. The Omnibus Society is honoured to have such a respected and distinguished gentleman as our 2024 President.

Ralph's Presidential Weekend will take place from Friday 27th September to Monday 30th September.