Meeting and Visit Notes

links to presentations

 The Survival of the National Bus Strategy.  15 Jan 2022

Presentation by Nigel Eggleton, Ominibus Society Chairman and Managing Director of First South Yorkhire and the Midlands.  The presentation is available in PDF format at:



The West Midlands Vision for Bus.  16 Nov 2021

Presentation by Pete Bond, Director of Integrated Transport Services, Transport for West Midlands.  The YouTube video is available at:


Stagecoach & Covid.  12 Oct 2021

A presentation by Rupert Cox - Regional Director South for Stagecoach Bus.  The YouTube video is available at:


Nottingham City Transport - The Way Forward.  8 Sep 2021

NCT Managing Director - and OS member - David Astill gave a presentation on how Nottingham City Transport responded to the pandemic and looked to the future.  The YouTube video is available at:


OneBus Greater Manchester.  20 April 2021

Presentation by OneBus CEO - and OS member - Gary Nolan on the Bus Services Act 2017 and what is happening in Greater Manchester.  The presentation is available in PowerPoint format at:



Fifty Years of Telford Bus Services.  20 March 2021

Presentation by OS member Glyn Bowen.  The presentation is available in PDF format at:



trentbarton - Covid-19 & looking to the future.  20 Feb 2021

Presentation by trentbarton Group Commercial Director Tom Morgan. The presentation is available in PDF format at:





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