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There are so many reasons to join Omnibus Society, here are just a few:

  • Senior Industry Speakers
  • Company Visits
  • Meet Industry Managers
  • Local Branches and Groups
  • Bi-monthly magazine

You'll also enjoy great benefits from our sister organisation. The Bus Archive, who hold the largest archive of historical bus industry documents in the UK!

Standard membership costs £26 (not including extra publications). You can also opt to receive some or all bulletins printed at extra cost (Paper membership)

Full membership details and pricing information on Paper/Electronic members can be found on the Membership Information page.

If you have any queries about membership, or in case of errors or issues, please contact our Membership Director Andrew Tyldsley who will be happy to help.

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Basic membership of the Omnibus Society costs £26.00. You will receive electronic access to all bulletins on the site using a username and password (issued when you join) and receive a printed copy of the Omnibus Magazine.

Do you wish to have any bulletins or BUSMART printed and posted to you (paper membership)?

Membership Form

1 - Your Home Branch

You are recommended to choose a home branch (normally the area in which you live or a research group). This costs nothing but ensures you are linked with your local area or relevant group.

1.1 - Printed Bulletins (Optional)

You automatically have access to all bulletins electronically through our website included in the £26.00 fee in step 2. Some members will also want these printed and sent to them. Each costs £12.00 per annum. Tick those required.

(You must also include your home branch if desired as this is not automatically included!)

2 - Busmart

Catalogues are issued at regular intervals offering a wide range of material covering all aspects of transport at very reasonable prices. The BUSMART catalogue subscription goes directly to the Bus Archive.

3 - Overseas Postage

Do you live outside the UK?

4 - Two Year Subscription

5 - Donations

All donations for the Society, Branch, Bus Archive or towards postage costs are welcome!

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