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Special offer to mark completion of MORiL series

Volume 3 (revised) marks completion of series

LHRG is pleased to announce Volume Motor Omnibus Routes in London (MORiL) Volume 3 (revised) is now available.  Previously out of print, Volume 3 completes the sequence of MORiL publications, which provide a detailed chronology of London's 'red' motor bus routes, from the start of motor bus operation in 1899 to October 1934 when the London Passenger Transport Board introduced its new system of route numbering.

MORiL Volume 3 (revised) covers the period January 1913 to February 1915.  The book has 128 pages and is illustrated with contemporary photographs.  The price is £10 + £2 P&P and orders may be placed via the LHRG website, where details of all volumes of MORiL are given.

For the period covered, each volume details the roads covered by each bus route and route changes day by day, plus Christmas day services and special services.  From volume 4, garage allocations to routes are also listed, along with details of road names which have since changed.  From the start of the 'independent era' in 1922, volumes 6A etc cover only London General Omnibus Company and 'Combine' routes.  Accuracy is ensured by reference to original sources.

To mark the completion of the series, LHRG is pleased to offer the complete series of eleven volumes at the special offer price of £100 plus £10 P&P.

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