Omibus Society

General Data Protection Regulation

Data held by the Society

The Data Protection Act requires the Society to make the following clear to members to ensure it complies with the Latest version of the Act. Individuals will be asked when joining or renewing to agree that they have read and understood this.

  • Data given to us by you (on a printed form or via the web-site) is stored electronically on office bearers' PCs and also on the Umbraco database Linked to the OS web-site. In all cases we will hold name, address and email (when provided), subscription paid as well as any other data you provide us with.
  • ALL of this data will beaccessible by a range of society officers and volunteers where there is a Legitimate need to access it for the administration of society business - including the Treasurer, Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Branch and Group Chairmen and those involved in the distribution of publications.
  • ALL data is stored securely on PC files and on the Umbraco web-site using password protected files. Office bearers only have access to the files they need to carry out their duties. We do not keep bank account details used to pay subscriptions as this is outsourced to Sagepay, a commercial company used by many businesses. Any communication with them is done by the Membership Director only and is via transaction numbers, not account numbers.
  • The Society already has a Director whose job it is to investigate complaints and that person would undertake any investigation if there was a breach of the Data Protection Act.
  • The databases kept by the Society are 'Live' databases. i.e. when you Leave the Society, they are deleted at most one year after the renewal date has passed. In particular however, anyone using the web-site one month after the renewal date has expired will have their data deleted and be unable to renew or use the site unless they contact the Membership Director who will reinstate them. Other Legislation can override this and we are required to keep payment details for accounting purposes for 6 years as well as Gift Aid details.
  • You have the right to withdraw consent for us to hold your data which is not in the mandatory fields mentioned in the first paragraph. Please contact the Membership Director you wish to see the data we have already.
  • Any office bearer asked to divulge any information on another member will a) contact the other member first preferably by e-mail or Royal Mail to obtain permission to release the information and b) then revert to the member requesting the information if permission is granted. Normally non-members will berefused such information and any non-member must make the request to the Membership Director only. The Society will never divulge or sell anyinformation to a third party for cash.
  • Details of BUSMART subscribers are shared with the Bus Archive.
  • The Society also has access to the bank account details of some members who have elected to receive reimbursement of certain expenses by electronic funds transfer. This information is held only by our bank within their secure on-line banking system which is accessible only by those OS members who are authorised signatories of the bank account. Such bank account details of members should not be held independently by the Society or any of its officers

Purposes of holding data

We keep this data about you in order to:

  • maintain a List of members so that we can send out magazines, bulletins, renewals and other society communications, either by post or electronically
  • be able to contact you about trips and visits when there are changes to arrangements
  • to maintain records of subscriptions paid and any donations made by members
  • to claim gift aid on a member's subscription and donation where appropriate
  • to keep your information up to date

The Omnibus Society is registered with the Information Commissioner.