Michael Morton was the 2013 President.

Each year a senior industry figure serves as Omnibus Society President.

The Presidents give an Address to the Society on a topical theme at the start of their Presidential year, normally to the meeting in London on the last Tuesday of January.

  • Michael Morton was the 2013 President.

Following a career in local authority-owned bus operators in the north west of England, Michael Morton joined Arriva Buses Wales in January 2009, providing bus services throughout the northern half of Wales, from Chester and Wrexham to Aberystwyth, and participating in the Traws Cymru long-distance network.

Accepting the role of president of Britain’s longest-established bus interest organisation — it was formed in 1929 and boasts a nationally-recognised archive — Michael Morton said: ‘I am honoured to have been asked to be President of this well-respected organisation that has always been seen as the domain of real enthusiasts of buses and the bus industry’.

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