Omibus Society

President 2006

Male Placeholder

Durham 1st-4th September, 2006

Timetable and description of events:

Every year the Omnibus Society holds its most prestigious event, the summer Presidential Weekend, located in the area of the current President, who this year is Chris Moyes, until recently CEO of Go-Ahead Group plc, which operates bus services in and around the North East, and also in London, Oxford, Brighton & Hove, Crawley, Wilts & Dorset, and the West Midlands.

The Society's 2006 President, Chris Moyes, has unfortunately had to resign from his position as CEO of Go-Ahead Group plc, because of a sudden serious illness. Peter Huntley, MD of Go-Ahead North East, is deputising as host for the Presidential Weekend based at Colingwood College, University of Durham.

Sadly we have to report that our President passed away on Tuesday, 12th September 2006.