Charles Gill

Charles Gill is the Treasurer

  • Charles Gill is the Treasurer

Born in Bradford I joined the Omnibus Society in 1968 (at the tender age of 15) and recall my first visit to Hebble Motor Services and the welcome given by John Hughes and the other Committee Members. Became a Committee Member myself in the early 1970s and Nationwide Correspondent for the OM.

Professional training as a Chartered Accountant meant a break from these activities for a while but I rejoined the Branch Committee in 1990 and have served as Secretary and then Bulletin Collator from 1995. Also resumed being Yorkshire Nationwide Correspondent for the OM.

Early interest in vehicles developed into a particular interest in history of bus operators and services, especially in the Yorkshire Traffic Area. I was able to borrow timetables from the OS Library in the 1970s to research route histories and have now since retirement been able to participate in the  collection of digital bus timetables and also help at the Walsall Bus Archive on a regular basis.

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