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Project Snapshot

Between the 7th and 16th June 2014 the Omnibus Society is undertaking an exciting data capture exercise and everyone is invited to participate.

Contained within the Omnibus Society Library and archives is a treasure trove of timetable and service information stretching back many decades with an unrivalled collection of historical timetables. What is not recorded in any great detail is a level of detailed information beyond this. Timetables provide the details of what services operated, but do not show how they were operated.  Detailed bus working and drivers duties for historical operations have generally not survived, so whilst we know what the pieces of the jigsaw were we do not know how they all fitted together.

The Operational Snapshot Project aims to create a snapshot of bus operations for a 10 day period to preserve, as much as possible, the details that can be assimilated.  We would like to invite every company who operates services in Britain and Ireland to submit a set of operational documents for their operations between   7th and 16th June 2014.  A number of companies have already agreed to participate as news of the Project spreads but the invitation is to all, to gain as comprehensive a picture as possible. Former Omnibus Society President Sir Peter Hendy commented “In today's electronic environment, a digital record of a sample few days of how UK bus services are run will be of great value for future historians. I hope the whole bus industry will support it, as Transport for London will”’


For more details, and to find out how to get involved, click here.

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