Omibus Society

Presidential Address 2021

27 April 2021, 18.30hrs

Like so many other things of late, the 2021 Omnibus Society Presidential Address will be 'unprecedented'!

Martijn Gilbert, Managing Director of Go North East, becomes the first President to give two Presidential Addresses. We are delighted that Martijn agreed to have a second year as President as the circumstances of 2020 did not enable him to achieve all that he set out to achieve as President. His 2020 Address was inspirational and his second Address will be equally so.

And it's our first Presidential Address to be presented on-line. What our founding fathers would have made of a Presidential Address presented by a Zoom Webinar doesn't bear thinking about! But that's how we're going to present the 2021 Presidential Address.

While the Omnibus Society prides itself on giving members contact with real live figures from the Omnibus Society, current circumstances mean going on-line is our only option. But it's not all bad: members everywhere will have access to the Presidential Address, not just those able to travel to London for it. You'll be able to see Martijn and his slides up close, without other people's heads in the way, you can turn up the volume to your own level and enjoy the evening from the comfort of your own home. There will be opportunity for questions too.

Members will receive an invitation email shortly. If you don't receive one and would like to 'attend' please email with the title 'Presidential Address'.

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