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Our President for 2018

Mark Fowles of Nottingham City Transport to be OS President

The Omnibus Society is delighted to announce that its President for 2018 will be Mark Fowles, Managing Director of Nottingham City Transport. 

Mark has been MD of Nottingham City Transport since 2001, having joined the company as Deputy MD in 1994 to deliver the Nottingham Express Transit tram system.

Following the successful introduction of trams to Nottingham Mark has led the company to victory in the UK Bus Awards no fewer than four times, more than any other operator,and has brought in a great deal of innovation, including the world's first double-deckers powered by compressed natural gas. Nottingham is a thriving centre of public transport excellence, with the highest proportion of its citizens in the UK using bus services outside London.  NCT runs 330 buses on 67 routes. All of its buses have Wi-Fi and 90% have audio announcements. The company, one of only 10 remaining British bus companies owned by local authorities, is owned by Nottingham City Council, though with an 18% shareholding by French multinational transport operator Transdev PLC.

Mark will give his Presidential Address in London on 30 January 2018. His Presidential Weekend will take place in Nottingham over the weekend of Friday 21st to Monday 24th September 2018. 

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