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December 2020 - January 2021

Issue 552

Derbyshire Wayfarers

Gary Nolan describes a day spent touring on the services of Hulleys of Baslow

Halton Transport - the Final Chapter

Chris Bowles records the final years of this municipal operator

The SELNEC routes exchange

Jim Hulme looks back at the complex exchange of services between operators in April 1974

The Shaftesbury Office

David Pike tells the story of a town office shared by three operators

usual Bus Archive News, from the photo archives, Nationwide reports

Magazines Issue 552

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The Omnibus Magazine is the official journal of the Omnibus society.

Published six times a year and containing a wide spectrum of articles on current and past practice, of interest to enthusiasts and industry personnel alike. It is fully illustrated and has overview news of route developments from all areas, plus a diary of Society events and notices.

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The Editor of the Omnibus Magazine, Cyril McIntyre, can be contacted by email.

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Cyril McIntyre

Editor - The Omnibus Magazine

Cyril has been a member of The Omnibus Society since 1966 and took over as Editor of The Omnibus Magazine in 2007 following retirement from a public transport career spanning 45 years.

On leaving school in 1961 he joined CIE (the Irish state transport organisation) as a clerk, working in rail, road freight, road passenger and computer departments before becoming a Press Officer in 1968.

On re-organisation of CIE in 1987 he became Media & PR Manager of Bus Éireann and was Fleet Planning & Control Manager from 2004 until retirement in 2006.

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