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Welcome to the Omnibus Society Library and Archive. This archive is a unique collection of material relating to the operation of public service road passenger carrying vehicles. Early material relates to the horse bus era and continues through to the operation of motorised vehicles from 1897 to the present time.

The archive has been built up gradually since 1942 and provides a comprehensive and eclectic base for the in-depth and serious researcher as well as those looking for specific material on a particular subject.

The archive is operated by a dedicated team of volunteers under my leadership. We have our main base in Walsall, with branches in Acton (London Transport) and Lathalmond, Fife. The Walsall base is the Head Office of the Society.

Our main sections are timetables, periodicals and enthusiast group publications, tickets, chassis & body manufacturers, and company reports & accounts. See the Library and Archive Information page for much more.

The main library and archive at Walsall is available to everyone, we do ask non-members to consider making a donation when they use our facilities.



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Our Main Library         

The Main Library and Archive is located at 100 Sandwell Street, Walsall, convenient for public transport. We are extremely fortunate that we now have a modern and spacious permanent library building, centrally located and open regularly for our members to use. See the Library and Archive Information page for much more.


100 Sandwell Street

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