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NW&Y April Study Tour

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Transdev Study Tour - Circular tour by bus

Transdev Study Tour - Circular tour by bus

Manchester - Leeds - Keighley - Burnley - Rawtenstall - Manchester

Depart Chorlton Street Cityzap 2 at 1005, Leeds Bus Station 60 at 1145, Keighley M4 at 1421, Burnley 483 at 1635, Rawtentall X43 at 1717.

The chosen timings allow Members from most parts of our region to take part in the complete tour, joining at the point most suitable for them and returning to the same point. Members from East Lancs can use the X43 depart Nelson at 0815, Burnley 0835; from York use Cityzap dep1030.

Members returning to Leeds or beyond will need to forego the 483, instead taking the X43 at 1620 ex-Burnley to connect into the CZ2 at 1805 from Manchester.

Daytripper Plus (£10.50) and ENCTS pass cover all these journeys.

Refreshments are available at each bus station and adjacent town centres.

Further details or to book please contact Robin Bence on 0780 822 9148, email:

North Western & Yorkshire

Don Akrigg - Branch Chairman

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