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The face of rural bus services has changed considerably in recent years. Rural operators have a particular set of challenges to face, especially in times of austerity, and often smaller independent operators can do the job more effectively than the Big Boys: and some of them become quite big in the process! West Sussex-based Compass Bus has gradually picked up work discarded by bigger operators and developed a major network of rural bus services, such that it now runs 75 vehicles on more than 50 services. Managing Director, Chris Chatfield, has owned and operated Compass Travel for 20 years.

London meetings are now held at The Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3BU, with a start time of 1830, although tea and coffee are available from 1800. The meetings will be held in the Parker Morris Hall.
The Abbey Centre directly on Bus route 88 (others nearby) and approx. ten minutes' walk from St James's Park Station.

London Meetings

Stephen Morris - Vice President

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