François Xavier Perin was the 2011 President

After graduating from ESCP-Europe, François-Xavier started as a banker in the French export-import bank. After eight years, he joined a public transport company as Finance Director and has since played an active role in that industry.He joined Transdev in 1988 as Group Finance Director and played a key role in the development of Transdev as one of the most reputable international world player of its field.

  • François Xavier Perin was the 2011 President

After five years as Managing Director of the Grenoble public transport network (Transdev affiliate), he went to the UK in 1997 where he led the first development of Transdev outside of France. Starting from the acquisition of London United, Transdev plc progressively expanded in London with Sovereign Buses, then in the deregulated area with the acquisition of Yellow Buses in Bournemouth and the Blazefield group in 2005. This turned Transdev plc into the sixth largest bus company in the UK, with a turnover above £250 million.

François-Xavier also succeeded in making Transdev plc a leader in tram in the UK with the operations of Nottingham (2004) and those planned for Edinburgh.

Based in London until 2007, he has also been in charge of Transdev Australia, where the group developed a significant business, including the iconic Yarra trams in Melbourne and the rail division, and provided massive growth and profit to the group.

In 2007, François-Xavier became Group Chief operating Officer and in 2008 Managing Director of the Group, with 45.000 staff and turnover of € 3 billion. With the coming merger of Transdev and Veolia, François-Xavier left in October 2009 and has since been working as a consultant and managing the family business.

François-Xavier is also President of the French chapter of ABIE –Australian Business in Europe.

François-Xavier is also the proud owner of a London Routemaster bus.


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