London's Buses Volume Three finally arrives

16 Nov 2019


Many of those interested in the history of London's buses - and especially its independent operators - have on our shelves copies of London's Buses Volumes One and Two.

London's Buses Volume One by Ken Blacker, Ron Lunn and Reg Westgate describes The Independent Era 1922-1934, covering the old Central Area and published in 1977.  It was followed in 1983 by Volume Two, sub-titled Country Independents 1919-1939 Part One.  Substantial, authoritative works, these books were self-published by the authors.

The London Historical Research Group of the Omnibus Society is delighted finally to be able to publish Part Three, Country Independents 1919-1939 Part Two.  Although Ron Lunn and Reg Westgate are no longer with us, a team from LHRG has worked with Ken Blacker to complete and publish this book, started so long ago.


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