Bursaries for Members launched

03 Dec 2021


The Society is pleased to announce details of Bursaries to be made available for Members.

Applications are invited for funding from Members who are interested in undertaking research and providing new material for publication in accordance with the charitable objectives and interests of the Society.

Bursaries will be available for a sum of approximately £2,000. This sum is flexible and is not fixed and the Society would consider a higher or lower cost if required.

The award of the Bursary must be used for research into an aspect of road passenger transport at a national or local level. Innovative topics and projects would be welcomed. The Society is particularly interested in applications related to the following themes: - 

  • The future of the Bus Industry in the United Kingdom with comparisons of the situation internationally.
  • The relationship between the bus industry and the social and economic environment of a specific area, utilizing historical precedents.
  • Research which uses oral history records and other personal archival resources. 

Who can apply? 

You must be a current Member of the Society at the time of making the application and during the allocated time period of undertaking the research.

Please note. If you are a full-time or part-time student studying for a transport qualification at a recognized UK University, you cannot apply to this fund for research which is specifically related to that qualification. The Society intend to provide Bursaries for University students later in the year and details will be made available in due course. 

 How to apply

All applications from Members must be received by the Secretary of the Society by no later than 30th September each year. Email to secretary@omnibus-society.org or write to The Secretary, The Omnibus Society,100-102 Sandwell Street, Walsall WS2 3EB.

Members’ will be required to make a personal statement and submit details of their proposal for a research project up to a maximum of two A4 pages, ideally by Email in MS Word format with any supporting material in PDF format. The proposal should include the main reasons and objectives for the research, together with a sketch outline of the intended research process with the estimated costs involved.

The successful Members’ will be advised on the outcome of their applications by no later than 30th November in the same year.

 How the fund will be awarded and managed

 All awards are discretionary and will be considered by a judging panel of the Society. The judging panel for 2021/22 will be Tony Francis (Secretary), Charles Gill (Treasurer), Andy Gipson (Director) and Peter White (Member).

Funding will be given for travel, subsistence and accommodation if required. Where the expenditure exceeds £100 for a specific item, the appropriate receipts must be available to the Treasurer of the Society.

The successful Members’ will have a time period of one year from the date of the Bursary award to complete their research and to submit their report or paper to the judging panel. The report or paper would be subsequently endorsed by the Management Committee of the Society.

The Society reserve the right to publish the research report or paper by any means possible later. If a Member decides to reproduce all or part of the report or paper then agreement with the Society is required and acknowledgement of the Bursary must be made at the appropriate time, in the form of “this research was funded by a Bursary from the Omnibus Society”.

The Society reserve the right to apply specific conditions at the time of the award and/or during the time period of the Bursary. The refund of monies from Members’ will be sought if the terms and conditions of the Bursaries are not strictly adhered to.