London meeting: Brexits and borders – hard boiled or soft?

24 Sep 2019

John Birtwistle (please note change of speaker)

When we planned our 2019 programme we hoped that by September 2019 things should be becoming clearer about the way Brexit may, or may not, affect the UK coach & bus industry. Perhaps we were over optimistic...

Nonetheless John Birtwistle, Head of Policy, First UK Bus, will have a go at giving us some idea of what we may or may not expect. John is a very informative and entertaining speaker, so whatever your view on, and whatever the likely outcome of, Brexit we will all gain something from his words of wisdom. 


The District Line Room at 55 Broadway, London SW1H 0BD, 18.30-20.00hrs

Please note, this is the correct date for this meeting, not as stated in Omnibus Magazine issue 544.


55 Broadway is located immediately above St James's Park Underground Station on the Circle and District lines.