and Citylink

29 Sep 2015

Edward Hodgson, Managing Director, UK & Europe and Scottish Citylink Coaches


While Stagecoach is well-known for its local bus services, it has also broken the mould of the way express coach services are run in the UK, particularly with its concept of internet-booked coaches sold on a demand-managed sliding fare scale. In Sir Brian Souter’s Presidential year we will hear about how this operator provided real competition on the coach roads of Britain and is now showing the way in Continental Europe. 



London meetings are now held at The Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3BU, with a start time of 1830, although tea and coffee are available from 1800. The meetings will be held in the Parker Morris Hall.

The Abbey Centre directly on Bus route 88 (others nearby) and approx ten minutes walk from St James's Park Station.