LHRG Bulletins

The LHRG Bulletin, which is circulated to members quarterly, contains a mix of articles on a range of topics relating to the history and past practice of the bus, tram and trolleybus operations across London and the home counties within the original London Passenger Transport Board area.  With effect from February 2014, the Bulletin is produced as a colour A5 booklet.

With effect from 2020, an electronic version of the Bulletin is available to OS members via the OS website.  Pending software amendments required from the Society's web support company, logged-in members may access LHRG Bulletins via a special page under Eastern & Southern Branch.

Typical items include a history of the bus route number to match each issue number (188 at February 2014), articles on the history of the various London Transport vehicle classes, of the many independent operators in the London area, and a multitude of different aspects of transport operations, such as bus stops, tickets, roadside time recording clocks and bus garages.

The Bulletins have been issued in volumes, of which indexes have been prepared up to Volume 7.  They are available for download here (some PDF files are quite large):

  Volume 1, part 1 (Bulletins 1-50)

  Volume 1, part 2 (Bulletins 51-61)

  Volume 1, part 3 (Bulletins 62-67)

  Volume 2 (Bulletins 68-79)

  Volume 3 (Bulletins 80-91)

  Volume 4 (Bulletins 92-103)  

  Volumes 5 and 6 (Bulletins 104-127)

  Volume 7 (Bulletins 128-139)

Volunteers are sought to prepare indexes for more recent volumes.

Back issues of the LHRG Bulletin up to no. 186 are now available from BusMart, Berrishill, Burstall, Ipswich, IP8 3EQ, jpeddle@btinternet.com.  Prices: £1.00 each, orders of 20 or more 50p each, postage extra. PHRG Journals 68 to 160 and other Omnibus Society branch bulletins are also available at the same prices.  BusMart is the former OSMART, now operated by The Bus Archive.

The Bulletins include a regular question and answer section, enabling members to submit questions for other readers to supply the answers.  A searchable PDF list of past Q and As may be accessed here.

Sample Bulletins (in the old and new format) may be downloaded below.


Below you will find a list of downloadable links.

LHRG Bulletin 170, Vol.10

LHRG Bulletin 192, Volume 12