Convenors, rules and regulations

LHRG structure; OS and LHRG rules

Structure of LHRG

London Historical Research Group is an independent group dedicated to research into the history of road transport operated by and for TfL, London Transport and their predecessors.  It is affiliated to the Omnibus Society under a Memorandum of Understanding, updated 20 November 2020.

LHRG is run by its Convenors.  The current Convenors are:

   Chris Holland            (Chairman)

   Andrew Robertson     (Secretary and Distribution Officer)

   Alan Britchford          (Bulletin Editor)

   Peter Osborn             (Treasurer)

   Nick Agnew

   John Bull

   John Card

   George Jasieniecki

   Philip Kirk

   Richard Diment

   Tony Francis


OS and LHRG Rules and Regulations

The attention of all Members and their Guests is drawn to the Society's Rules of Conduct which must be followed at all meetings and events organised by the Society and its affiliates.

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