Convenors, rules and regulations

LHRG structure; OS and LHRG rules

Structure of LHRG

London Historical Research Group is an independent group dedicated to research into the history of road transport operated by London Transport and its predecessors.  It is affiliated to the Omnibus Society under a Memorandum of Understanding dated 4 May 2013.

LHRG is run by its Convenors.  The current Convenors are:

   Chris Holland            (Chairman)

   Andrew Robertson     (Secretary and Distribution Officer)

   Alan Britchford          (Bulletin Editor)

   Peter Osborn             (Treasurer)

   Nick Agnew

   John Bull

   George Jasieniecki

   Les Stitson

   Richard Diment

   Tony Francis


OS and LHRG Rules and Regulations

The attention of all Members and their Guests is drawn to the Society's Rules of Conduct which must be followed at all meetings and events organised by the Society and its affiliates. 

The Omnibus Society (the Society), as part of its duty of care and as a service to the membership, is the holder of a Public Liability Insurance Policy. This indemnifies against loss or injury sustained whilst members are participating in any meeting, visit, tour or such other event or activity (hereinafter, meeting) that has been organised by the Society or by one of its affiliated branches or groups. This Insurance Policy also indemnifies the Society against loss or damages sustained by the owner or operator of any premises involved in the meeting and occasioned by the actions of a member.

The following summarises the conduct that is expected of members of the Society whilst participating in any meeting arranged under its auspices.

Members must conduct themselves in an orderly fashion at all times and not attend any meeting when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any directions, advice or instruction given by an Officer of the Society, person designated as having charge of the meeting, by the owner of any premises that may be involved and of their employees, must be heeded without question. Such instruction may include wearing of protective or high-visibility clothing.

When present on operational premises, members must at all times be aware of potential dangers to themselves and to others and conduct themselves accordingly. Beware of moving vehicles; workshops, inspection pit areas and other places where machinery may be operating should be avoided other than by explicit invitation to do so and with appropriate supervision.

Any member who, in the judgement of an Officer of the Society or of any person having charge of a meeting, fails to observe any of the foregoing, or who otherwise acts in a manner which might bring the Society into disrepute, may be excluded from any further participation in that and (subject always to review by Council or by a Branch Committee) any subsequent meeting. In such an event, the Society shall not be liable for any expenses incurred by the member as a result of being asked to leave during the course of the meeting in question.

All of the foregoing applies equally to those who are attending any meeting as a guest of the Society. The Officer of the Society or other person having charge shall take steps to ensure that all guests are fully acquainted with the Rules of Conduct expected of members.

Enrolment as a member of the Society is taken as both an acquaintance with these Rules of Conduct and an acceptance of them in totality. (July 2005)